- You will be required to provide the answers to the following questions about yourself:


1.             What is your Social Security number and date of birth?


2.             What is the name, address and telephone number of your employer?


3.             If you have health insurance for the children, what is the name of the health insurance company and what is the cost of the insurance directly related to the children?


4.             What is the cost of daycare for your children and who will provide the daycare?


**Bring a copy of three of your most recent pay stubs along with evidence of the cost of the healthcare, the cost of the daycare, the amount of any support that you pay to anyone else and any bills showing outstanding medical expenses for your children.**


   - If you are self-employed, you will be required to present evidence of your income. Bring with you your tax returns for the last three years as well as other documentation to prove your business income and expenses.



Support-Financial information needed